Going on a Trip? 3 Reasons to Put Your Pooch in a Boarding Kennel


Living with a dog changes your life. You’re always in a rush to get home to make sure you get to walk him outside for an hour. You learn how to deal with puppies that chew their way through your sofa, sheets and at one time, your brand-new tennis shoes.

However, constantly living with that endless bundle of energy—especially if you’ve got one from breeds that grow huge over time—can take a toll. Want to go away on a trip or spend a day or two at a hotel, free of dog fur and puppy spit? Here’s why you’ll want to consider boarding kennels in Great Falls MT than a pet sitter:

Better safety

While your dog can exasperate you to bits and make you tear out your hair in stress, you love your pet and you want him to be safe. Boarding kennels tend to be safer than in-home boarding. Reputable kennels are managed by experts with a ton of animal care experience, sys PetGuide. Don’t want to compromise on your pet’s safety? That’s a good enough reason to choose kennels.


Kennels mean your dog gets to spend time with other pooches. If yours is a sociable fellow and he likes nothing more than making new friends, then this can be a grand adventure for him. If your dog isn’t too happy about meeting new faces, though, he can be put in a separate area where can be left in peace.


Instead of just leaving your pet at home and asking a friend to come over occasionally to fill his water bowls or feed him, your dog will receive much more attention at boarding kennels in Great Falls MT. With a trained staff, you know your pet’s needs will be taken care of, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.