3 Ways To Save Money Using Multi Axis Turning Services

Medical Component

Having the ability to create cylindrical parts and components quickly, precisely and with limited waste is always a crucial part of keeping the costs of production low. For Original Equipment Manufacturers, the goal is usually to find a machining service that offers the lowest price for the project as well as offers the best precision machining available.

There are several ways to help to keep costs down during production. The most basic consideration is to keep the part as simple as possible. However, that is not always an option that is available. The next most basic consideration in saving costs is to use the most efficient and effective machines. This includes the use of a multi axis turning center.

Reduced Setup Costs and Time

With traditional types of turning, which is a machining operation where the material is removed from the outside of the workpiece to create a shape, the cutting tool has a limited ability to move on an axis. With a multi axis turning center, the cutting tool can move along one, two or three different axes to provide greater options in creating shapes than possible with one.

With this ability to create the more complex shapes with one pass operations, the setup and the time to produce the CAD/CAM drawings for the CNC turning centers is greatly reduced. Adding to this is the lack of manual labor requirements for repositioning the workpiece, which leads to faster production and lower cost per unit.

Less Waste

With the use of CNC multi axis turning centers, there is virtually no waste due to quality control issues or errors during the turning process. With operators focused largely on maintaining equipment, cutting tools can be quickly and easily replaced at the appropriate times, which ensures precise, accurate cutting at all times during the operation.