The Reality Of Buying Used Lab Equipment For Sale Online

Laboratory Equipment

The internet is a very good place to find a range of different types of equipment, materials, machines, and supplies for labs, hospitals, research facilities and testing centers. However, not all used lab equipment for sale on the internet is a good deal or even a wise purchase option.

Buy From an Established Seller

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid in used lab equipment for sale online is part of being an informed buyer. Generally, as a reliable guideline, purchase only from established, reputable online websites with decades of experience in the used and refurbished analytical and lab equipment area.

These companies will have their own technicians to thoroughly check out all equipment before it is sold as used. Additionally, they will refurbish equipment in-house and provide a warranty on the equipment for their buyers. This adds to the value of the equipment without adding a lot to the price.

Established companies also have a solid network of sellers and buyers, and they tend to have a complete inventory. Some can also track down hard to find equipment for buyers, which is an additional value-added service.

The Problem With Brokers

There are websites for used lab equipment for sale through equipment brokers. These are “middlemen” who manage the advertising for the seller for a flat rate or on commission. The biggest concern with these sites is the broker is typically not knowledgeable about lab equipment. This is due to the fact the equipment is not in their possession; it will stay with the seller.

This creates the need for the buyer and seller to coordinate pickup and shipping, which is typically at the buyer’s expense. Problems with the equipment when it arrives are also left up to the buyer and seller to try to negotiate, which can be a significant and costly issue.