Tips For Getting A Top Deal On An Applied Biosystems PCR Thermal Cyclers

Laboratory Equipment

In medial, research and testing labs and forensic facilities all across the world, the need to create accurate copies of DNA material for sampling and sequencing is always a priority. The use of Applied Biosystems PCR thermal cyclers provides a convenient, easy to use option for to complete the polymerase chain reaction needed to provide the number of copies of DNA needed in the required time frame.

Getting the best deal on an Applied Biosystems PCR system is always important to a lab. With a wide range of models and options to choose from, labs may well want to consider upgrading their current needs for DNA sequencing and going to a larger model. Not only will this allow for higher throughput of samples for the current volume of orders, but it also provides the option to increase testing and scale up the volume.

Purchase Options

The Applied Biosystems PCR models, even for those that are fully automated and can be operated when robotics are used in the lab, are relatively small units. They are also not equipment types that are generally exposed to significant wear and tear in the lab, which makes them a good choice for a used or refurbished equipment purchase.

Used equipment, when sold by a reputable dealer, is tested to ensure it is in full working order. Refurbished equipment is also tested, but all upgrades, as well as service and maintenance repairs, are completed. Used equipment either as used or as refurbished is often as much as half or more of the cost of new PCR systems.

What to Consider

In determining if a PCR model is a good deal for the lab, be sure to check the block formats, the throughput capacity and the speed of the system. It will also be important to check the user interface, particularly with the automated models to ensure it is fully compatible with current lab systems.