A Construction Accident Lawyer In Malden MA Will Protect Your Interest


If you are working on a construction site and are injured, it can start a very confusing time if you are unable to return to work and require extensive medical treatment. Your employer is never happy about an employee being injured on the job because it will increase their insurance rates. The employer might attempt to force the employee back to work before they are physically able to perform their job.

It is very important for a worker to contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Malden MA as soon as possible. The lawyer will help the worker file the necessary papers with the employer and the insurance company to begin their claim. The lawyer will also make sure the employee receives all of the medical treatment they need to fully recover from their injuries.

After An Accident

When an accident occurs on the job site, an employee should contact a supervisor as soon as possible. The employee should also seek medical treatment as quickly as possible, even if they think the injury is only a minor one. A small cut could easily be infected and result in serious complications.

How Do Accidents Happen?

Poor signage, faulty equipment, and improperly trained machine operators are a common reason construction workers are hurt on the job. Roofing and scaffolding accidents are common and usually result in injuries that are permanent or take the life of a construction worker. The construction worker nor their family should have to financially suffer because of an accident on the job.

Wrongful Death

When a worker loses their life because of a construction accident, the surviving family members should contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Malden MA as soon as possible. Surviving family members can make a claim on behalf of their deceased loved one. They could receive compensation for lost wages in the future, medical bills, pain, suffering, and funeral expenses.

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