How a Low Air Loss Mattress Prevents Skin Ulcers

Medical Equipment

Take a moment to consider the importance of skin protection in those who spend a great deal of time in bed. These individuals need to spend this time in bed because they cannot move or may be ill. No matter the cause, the constant contact between the mattress and the skin creates open sores. These are very painful and, over time, they can create infection. Some can even experience life-threatening infections from this. One way to reduce the likelihood of these developing is to use a low air loss mattress.

Why They Matter to You

A low air loss mattress is covered in very small pinprick holes. These holes are designed to allow a very small amount of constant air to flow through them. As a result, they create an air-like barrier between the skin and the mattress itself. It does not feel any different, and it does not limit the quality of care. However, it stops the constant contact present. As a result of this, individuals experience less abrasions.

Skin ulcers, which are what these abrasions are, are less likely to form when there is reduced contact. However, individuals still need to have proper skin inspections and care. If they do have skin ulcers, a low air loss mattress may be able to treat them by reducing that contact.

There is no guarantee present when it comes to avoiding sores on the skin because of the condition a person is in. However, preventing the worst possible outcome is always important. With the help of low air loss mattress investments, many people who cannot get out of bed enough will be able to preserve their skin in a healthier condition for a longer period of time. This can help to improve quality of life.