The Many Health Services That You Can Get From An Urgent Care Center

Urgent Care Facility

An urgent care center is a walk-in clinic that is designed to handle minor illnesses and injuries. People visit a walk-in clinic when they need quick medical care for conditions that are not serious enough for the emergency room. Unfortunately, calling a primary care doctor often means waiting days or weeks for an appointment, leaving you in pain and out of work indefinitely.

Rather, consider a walk-in clinic for prompt and professional medical attention for many non-emergency illnesses and injuries.


X-rays are used to diagnose a variety of conditions, from sprained and broken bones to chest and heart conditions. Results are often available the same day.

Minor Illness Treatment

While strep throat and influenza are not medical emergencies, it is best to treat them immediately to avoid symptoms from getting worse. Often, an urgent care physician will both diagnose your illness and prescribe treatment.


From sports and school physicals to new jobs and annual check-ups, an urgent care facility is the opportune place to schedule a physical. Extended and weekend hours make this an especially ideal spot for last-minute appointments.


From tetanus and pneumonia to the many strains of the flu, urgent care clinics are often equipped to provide a variety of annual and acute vaccinations. Contact your child’s school or your workplace to ask which ones you need.

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