Benefits of Installing Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT

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In the past, when a person installed a fireplace, there was one objective -; heat. However, today, that’s no longer the case. In the past few decades, fireplaces have evolved.

While some things remain the same, such as the fact that fireplaces offer warmth and a bit of cheer, along with serving as a focal point where people can gather, they have another purpose, too. Today, fireplaces add style to a room, and nothing accentuates that style more than Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT. Keep reading to learn about some of the most appealing benefits of floating hearths here.

An Innovative Way to Accent a Fireplace

What can be done to create a hearth that inspires, delights, and creates a sense of awe? The answer is easy -; implement the use of an architectural element that doesn’t just mimic what was done in the past. This is where the modern Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT come in.

While this isn’t a novel concept, as builders have been using the idea of this type of hearth for years, the idea of separating the hearth and ground is something that’s become more popular in recent years.

Surpassing Function and Style

Adding this masonry accent to a fireplace can help to enhance the beauty and offers something more. When it is placed in front of the fireplace, but over the ground, the entire piece seems as though it is floating in space. This creates a sense of lightness that other hearths don’t offer.

Also, with this type of hearth, the function of the piece is expanded exponentially. For example, if a homeowner is trying to create a balanced, sturdy feeling, they can center a concrete slab low to the ground in front of the fireplace. If they prefer a contemporary look, opt for a rectangular, thin, and long piece that offers a more asymmetrical look.

The benefits offered by floating hearths are vast. If a homeowner is looking for a unique element to add to their living room, this should be one they consider. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired look for a living room or any room with a fireplace is achieved. More information about this can be found by contacting Stone Mountain Castings & Design.