Reasons to Call for Animal Control in Hanover to Eliminate Mice

Animal Removal

People commonly think they can successfully deal with the invasion of their place by a mouse, but often, the problem just gets worse. Mice breed prolifically and, once they find their way into a building, are tenacious about continuing to do so. Professional service for Animal Control in Hanover eradicates the problem for good.

Health and Safety

Keeping mice out of the home is crucial for the health of its residents. Rodents can carry disease and parasites into the building, and they leave trails of waste everywhere they go. This isn’t always visible, as it can be left on carpet fibers, dark floors, and throw rugs. This can be alarming to think about when considering that kids and pets routinely spend time sitting on the floor.

A Growing Infestation

When mice have invaded a home, the infestation can grow quickly if the residents go on vacation or out of town on business. The rodents lose their wariness of entering the building when nobody is there for several days. They build nests out of insulation and toilet paper and chew their way into cupboards and cereal boxes. The residents come home to a big mess and a lengthy pest elimination effort if they try to do this without expert help.

Professional Service

Professional service for Animal Control in Hanover includes evaluating the perimeter of the home along the foundation and sealing up every possible point where rodents could enter. The technician may add a screen to the dryer vent, in which case somebody in the home must make sure to clear lint from that screen regularly.

Household residents are often tempted to use poison bait that can be purchased cheaply in many stores. This does kill the mice, but it also creates other problems. Dying mice are likely to crawl inside a wall or under the floor, and after they expire, the room stinks for several days or even weeks. Flies and other insects are attracted to the creature and may lay eggs there. Instead of using DIY poison remedies, calling for assistance from a company like Accutech Pest Management is a better solution. More information on this company can be seen at