The Importance of Liquid Plastisol Services in Grand Rapids


Do you produce parts or products which require rubber coatings? For example, most tools today like screwdrivers, hammers, and a variety of garden implements need soft and pliable handles which increase grip strength and help to eliminate problems like blisters. However, instead of rubber, you might want to consider liquid plastisol services in Grand Rapids. They offer a wide range of benefits to many businesses today.

Why Plastisol?

Plastisol provides the benefits of synthetic rubber with the durability of modern plastics. It contains PVC particles and other polymers. Polymers are materials with many chained molecules, creating elastic properties. When you heat plastisol to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 Celsius), it turns into a liquid. Heating dissolves many of the suspended particles creating a very thick liquid which is similar to a gel.

The Liquid Plastisol Dipping Process in Grand Rapids

If you dip most things in non-viscous liquids, you get some adhesion, but much of the liquid simply falls off once removed. Because plastisol gets gelatinous with heat, much of the material clings to the item you dip. After dipping, the parts get cooled to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius), and the material solidifies.

Besides coating parts, you can create a number of special products like battery cable covers. All you need to do is dip molds in plastisol and remove the cooled plastisol from the molds. This can make many hollow parts which are flexible and water-proof.

Most screen printing services use plastisol based inks for creating items like custom T-shirts and hoodies. Because the material is water-proof, you see a lot of use in outdoor applications like roofing and patio furniture. Liquid plastisol services in Grand Rapids can create a wide variety of custom products. The method is efficient which makes it cost-effective for producers, distributors, and customers.