The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Surrogate in California


Most of the women who choose to become a Surrogate in California are motivated by giving the gift of life.Being a surrogate mother is a selfless act that helps a family that desperately wants a child to finally realize their dream of becoming a family unit. However, studies do show that as with anything else, there are pros and cons to becoming a Surrogate in California, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Following is a list to consider to when it comes to what those pros and cons are.
* Allows a woman to give the gift of parenthood, the greatest gift of all, to a couple who desperately want a child of their own.
* In many cases, the surrogate can also be reimbursed for doctor’s bills and get her life on track with money after having the child.
* The act of being a surrogate mother often has a positive impact on the mother’s self-esteem and gives her a boost to her self-confidence.

* Involves a lengthy and invasive medical process for the surrogate mother. Only women who are in excellent health themselves should consider becoming a surrogate.
* Giving up a child can evoke feelings of guilt in the mother, because she is the one who carried the child for nine months.
* There are many legalities involved in being a surrogate mother and sometimes the mother changes her mind, which can lead to court battles.

While there are a few cons to becoming a surrogate, the benefits certainly outweigh them. There is nothing like becoming a parent, except maybe being the instrument of that parenthood for a couple that otherwise could very well remain childless forever. A surrogate mother is a special breed and there is nothing like them in all of the world.

If you are considering becoming a surrogate for a friend or through a clinic, make sure to find out the rules and regulations in your area first, to avoid heartbreak down the line. Becoming a surrogate is nothing to do lightly. It takes thought, commitment, and needs to be discussed with your family before any decisions are made.