Planning Your Loved One’s Cremation Service in Deland, FL


If your loved has passed away, or you suspect will soon pass away, and you have concerns about the impending cremation service, read on to learn about others who share your concerns and about how you should respond.

Respecting Your Loved One’s Wishes

You would be surprised at the enormous number of families who bicker about their loved one’s funeral service and/or the method used to lay them to rest, even when the deceased loved one has already specified the service that he or she wants! Burial and cremation are highly controversial topics, especially among Christians and Jews, but the topic is also controversial within the secular world as well. Each family member thinks that he or she knows what’s best, even at the expense of the wishes of the loved one who died. However, it is very important to respect your loved one’s wishes, especially if it is your parent who has passed away. Our society teaches us to honor our father and our mother, and this should be fulfilled even in death.

The Focus of Funerals

Some people get so caught up in funeral planning and in changing plans to fit their own preferences that they shift the focus of the funeral off of the individual who has passed away and onto themselves or some other object. In truth, the funeral service is 100% about the loved one who has passed, and it should be conducted in the manner in which he or she desired.

Sharing the Urn

If someone dies who chooses to be cremated and leaves behind multiple children, the children may bicker about who gets to possess the urn. An urn typically has extremely strong sentimental value associated with it, which fuels the bickering. The siblings can discuss the matter among themselves and perhaps take turns possessing the urn. They should also raise the issue with the parent directly, if time is available to do so before he or she passes away. The parent may have wisdom on the subject from potentially dealing with this same issue in his or her past, or the parent may have a personal preference to share.

Planning a loved one’s cremation can be a stressful, emotionally challenging time period. If you are considering cremation services in Deland, FL, think about how the whole family will be affected, and discuss the issues raised in this article with all parties involved.
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