Some Common Questions About Cremation In Riverside, CA


For most of American history, cremation was a rare choice, and most people knew little about it. Just in the past decade, though, there has been a big shift in preferences, and today many mortuaries find that the majority of their clients are requesting cremation. Not only is it less expensive than burial, it also makes more sense for people who end up dying far from home. The following are some questions people frequently ask about Cremation in Riverside CA.

What Is The Process Of Cremation?

First, the body is identified and prepared for cremation. It is typically bathed and jewelry and other are metals removed, but the body is not embalmed. It is then transferred to a wooden or cardboard container and placed in the cremation chamber, which is a furnace that can reach a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. After about two hours, the remains are removed from the chamber and ground down into a sand-like substance and placed in an urn or other container.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

In general, families can expect to wait no more than seven days after making a request. In California, the law requires that funeral homes hold a body for 48 hours before carrying out a cremation. Once the cremation is finished, the ashes are delivered to the family from one to three days later. Families are free to schedule a memorial service at any time.

What Can Family Members Do With The Ashes?

There are many ways to keep or dispose of cremains. Most often, ashes are divided among family members and kept in urns or other special containers. Many people also like to scatter ashes at a place that had some significance for their loved one. However, California state law strictly limits where ashes can be scattered. Some other methods include burying the ashes in an urn, placing the urn in a columbarium, pressing the ashes into a vinyl record, and even launching them into space.

A funeral director can answer any other questions about the process of cremation and what family members can expect. Visit this site to talk with a caring professional about quick and affordable Cremation in Riverside CA.