Why There Is a Demand for Cremation Services in Cincinnati, OH


In 1996, fewer than 35% of Americans chose cremation. Today more than half of families include cremation in funeral services. For many it is a question of finances. They cannot afford elaborate traditional arrangements. Many residents choose Cremation Services in Cincinnati OH because it makes funeral planning easier. Cremation is also popular among those who are opposed to using land for cemeteries.

Cremation Is an Affordable Option

Many families choose cremation because they cannot afford traditional arrangements but still want meaningful services. A traditional funeral can cost between $8,000 and $15,000. It is much more expensive in many cities where cemetery plots sell for premium prices. Many families go into debt to pay for a relative’s final expenses. In contrast, clients can arrange respectful, dignified Cremation Services in Cincinnati OH for less than $1,000. Some providers even offer free permanent placement of ashes on their dedicated their grounds.

Cremation Is Greener Than Traditional Burial

The “green” movement has spurred many environmentally conscious citizens to choose cremation to save land. They often feel that burying bodies in vaults inside of caskets is a waste of natural resources and can damage the earth. Most are concerned that toxic embalming fluid will leak into the ground and pollute water supplies. The majority of cemeteries require that caskets are encased in vaults made with over a ton of concrete and steel. Manufacturing vaults and caskets leaves a large carbon footprint, especially considering that many are shipped from non-green countries.

Cremation Can Simplify the Planning Process

Planning a funeral around a cremation is much simpler than making arrangements when the body will be buried in a casket. Funeral directors can only preserve bodies for a limited amount of time even after embalming. That means families are forced to make many decisions in a short period and during a time of grief. In contrast, cremation can be arranged within a few days. The family is free to contact friends and family and then design exactly the memorials they want when they want them.

Affordable cremations are fast becoming more popular than traditional burials. Families choose cremation to conserve natural resources, save money, and simplify funeral arrangements.