Pillow Block Bearings, Plummer Blocks And Related Components

Industrial Supplier

In Texas, a pillow block can refer to a Plummer block. While differences do exist between the two, they both are pedestals that house and support a rotating shaft. They do so with the help of bearings and various other accessories. Pillow block bearings come in many types. They work in industrialized and commercial environments to provide them with the stability and high performance their production and services demand.

Pillow or Plummer Blocks

While it is common to lump the two terms together, the pillow and Plummer block bearings are different in one major way. Pillow blocks are best for environments that do not require heavy load capacity or high performance. For these, you require Plummer block bearings. However, the general simplistic design of each with its ability to reflect balanced engineering concepts and functionality reflects why both types of blocks remain popular.

Major Components

Pillow block bearings consist of two main parts. These are the casing and the bearings. They are not the same for each pillow block type. Some bearings are replaceable while others are fixed. Most are self-aligning. However, more than bearings go into the construction and success of a pillow block. The standard model usually consists of various components including rings, screws, steel balls, a cage and, of course, the housing. Companies must always consider the housing construction when choosing the right block bearings. Plummer block bearings will require more durable substances than those found in standard pillow blocks.

Pillow Block Bearings

Whether a Texas firm requires spherical roller type bearings for heavy-duty loads or a California company wants a plain bronze bearing to reduce friction, these are all available as part of a pillow or Plummer block. From plain and inexpensive, to complex and hydrodynamic, a good and reliable supplier will have them all in stock.