The Unique Lever Chain Hoist: An Affordable Manual Chain Hoist


Chain hoists are remarkable if simple devices. They come in diverse configurations, sizes and loading bearing capacities. As part of an overall workstation lifting system, these devices may operate using one of three potential power sources:

  1. Electric
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Manual

In these three categories, the lever chain hoist falls into the manual type of chain hoists.

The Lever Chain Hoist Option

This type of hoist is a version of a manual chain hoist. What differentiate it from other manual types are its capabilities of being adapted for use in various positions. In other words, instead of simply capable of lifting loads vertically, lever chain hoists can also do so horizontally. This makes it great for lifting, dragging, positioning and pulling loads in different directions. The weight load tends to be no greater than 20 tons maximum.


Lever chain hoists are perfect for many applications. They are easy to relocate. Their size and characteristics make them ideal for use in smaller areas. While the design may vary, in general, they lift and move loads from point A to point B. They find employment in various industries and in diverse environments. These include:

  • Warehouses
  • Oil rig platforms
  • Construction sites

However, with manual chain hoists, some restrictions do apply. Without mechanization, the work lever chain hoists perform tends to be lighter than any mechanized lifts do.

The Lever Chain Hoist

Lever chain hoists are viable options for many workplaces. They are simple, portable and easy to use. As manual tools, they do not require a power source. This makes them a more flexible option for where electricity is not feasible or dangerous to employ. What also makes the lever chain hoist popular is its capability to move loads horizontally and vertically. In addition, this device accomplishes this without being a strain on the budget. Indeed, it is truly a cost-effective piece of equipment.