Panic Bars Allow Business Owners To Keep Their Doors Locked, And Allow People To Exit Quickly In Case Of An Emergency.

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Security

Commercial properties, office spaces and store fronts will all require locksmith services at one time or another. They will need new keys made or the locks changed due to loss or damage. Lock mechanisms and panic bars are designed to be strong and provide a barrier of protection for your company, assets, and staff. Over time, or from misuse, they can all fail. When they do, a commercial locksmith should be called in.

On the inside of many commercial buildings there are panic bars on the doors. A panic bar is the long bar that runs the width of a commercial door, and is at about hip height. The bars allow a door to be locked preventing outsiders from entering the building, while still allowing employees or customers to exit the building. Occasionally, panic bars fail, causing the door to remain unlocked, and your business unprotected. When you need Panic Hardware Repairs in Mesa AZ you can look on the internet or in the phone book under commercial locksmiths, for a qualified technician that can repair the bar. Most locksmiths have an emergency service available 24/7 and can send someone quickly.

If you are opening a new business and need to secure your exit doors, a locksmith can may suggest panic bars that allow you to keep your doors locked, without trapping people inside should they need to to exit the building swiftly in the event of a fire or emergency situation. For installation or repairs on your panic bars call a locksmith. Visit the website to locate a qualified and skilled technician.

There many types of locks you may need in a commercial building, from panic bars, keyless entry and card swipe pads, to interior office doors, filing cabinets and vault rooms. If you have existing locks that need to be replaced or a faulty panic bar that requires Panic Hardware Repairs in Mesa AZ you need an experienced locksmith that understands commercial locks. No matter what business you are in, churches, schools and party stores, or gas stations and office buildings, panic bars should be on your exit doors.

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