Tips for Giving Frozen Feeders to Snakes Such as Ball Pythons

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Food is easily one of the most enjoyable aspects of your day in addition to being one of the most important. This is true for your pet snake, such as a ball python, as well. It’s important to choose food options that are not only tasty to your pet reptile but also nutritious and safe. Research shows that Frozen Feeders are best at meeting your pet reptile’s dietary needs.

Live Rodents
Even though you may be tempted to give your pet ball python live prey, this type of prey presents dangers to your captive snake that aren’t present in the wild. For instance, in the wild, a python that isn’t hungry simply won’t hunt and instead will stay in hiding. However, a python that is in captivity may quickly become a rodent’s prey if the rat is placed near the snake and the snake doesn’t want to eat at that time. The rat can easily bite your python and seriously injure it in addition to causing an infection. This type of event not only harms your pet but also can result in avoidable veterinary bills. This is why frozen rodents are safer to use.

Rodent Size
When giving your python frozen feeders, it’s best to avoid giving the snake prey that is too large. Ball pythons fare better when kept on a consistent diet of rodents that are moderately sized rather than being given a huge rat every couple of weeks. It’s wise to offer your snake a rat or mouse whose width is similar to that of your snake’s midsection. At the end of the meal, you may notice a little lump in your python’s stomach; this is completely normal. If the bulge looks like the size of a tennis ball, the prey is too large.

How Often to Feed Your Snake
It is generally beneficial to feed your ball python every seven to 10 days. You can feel free to feed a juvenile or baby snake more frequently since their growth rates are faster. However, adult pythons, which include those that are 3 years old and older, don’t need to be fed as often. This is because ball pythons’ metabolism is fairly slow. A reputable provider of frozen feeders can help you to choose the right type of feeder and appropriately sized feeders for your unique pet. offers a wide range of frozen food options for your python or other type of pet reptile. You can learn more about the company’s outstanding products by visiting website.