A Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook Treatment will Improve a Person’s Appearance


People are quick to make assumptions about others based on their appearance, and this includes potential employers. Every job applicant has to look as healthy and successful as possible, as there are so many qualified people looking for jobs. Clean and healthy teeth used to be acceptable; however, today the bar has been raised. People are expected to have gleaming white teeth. Luckily it’s not that hard for a person to brighten their smile. They can easily make a Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook appointment. In just 90 minutes, they’ll have white teeth that will impress any future employer.

A powerful whitening gel is applied for clean tooth enamel. A powerful and safe light is used to activate the gel. It then reaches far into the enamel to break up stubborn stains. It takes about 15 minutes for the gel to do its job. The dentist then wipes it off of the teeth and inspects the progress that has been made. He can repeat the process three more times to maximize the teeth whitening treatment. When he’s finished, the patient will love seeing his gleaming and interview-ready teeth.

Patients can expect the Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook treatment results to last several years. However, they have to follow their dentist’s maintenance instructions. Depending upon the person’s eating or smoking habits, this could include whitening toothpastes, whitening pens and at-home whitening trays. If the dentist wants the patient to use at-home whitening trays, he will create custom trays that fit the patient’s teeth and gums perfectly. Not only does this make them more comfortable to wear than those bought in a drugstore, but it lets the whitening gel reach all areas of the teeth. The dentist will determine how often the patient should use the trays. He will also determine the proper strength of the whitening gel to use.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Piscataway Family Dental has other techniques that can brighten a person’s smile. Many people have older mercury fillings that can create a shadow through their enamel. Replacing these with a composite filling that matches the person’s teeth will make a big difference.