Tips for Identifying the Top Law Firms


When you need legal representation in court, you want to hire the best legal services available. It can be difficult to compare companies to determine the top law firms. There are thousands of options and knowing which is best – or even what qualifies as the best – can be confusing. However, there are several key factors that will narrow down your choices. Here are four items to consider when choosing the top law firms:

1. Seek Out Personal Testimonies

Another person’s experience can be a great help when you are looking for a law firm to hire. Talk with friends and relatives to get recommendations. If you know someone who has been in similar circumstances, their advice can be quite valuable. You may decide to research online reviews, but consider the sources and choose those that are reputable, such as the U.S. News Best law Firms database. Those reviews are based on information not only from previous clients, but also from peers and other professionals.

2. Evaluate Previous Cases

Although it can take some time to research, how a law firm has handled previous cases can be indicative of your own chances for a successful outcome. Detailed information may not be available due to privacy restrictions, but you may be able to acquire statistical data from the law firms. Be specific in your request, such as asking the percentage of cases won in the previous calendar year.

3. Look for a Specialized Law Firm

Most law firms today operate in one of two ways. Either the firm is quite large and has several attorneys who represent different legal areas, or the firm specializes in a certain field. When you need an attorney for a specific function, hiring someone who specializes in your particular area of need is just practical. The firm will have extensive experience with the issues you are facing and may have access to resources that can be beneficial.

4. Inquire About a Free Consultation

Most law firms will offer a free consultation of your case. This gives the attorney and you a good idea of how well the firm can represent you. This first impression may be brief, but can provide a good idea of how well you will work together and the likelihood of winning. If the firm does not think you have a valid case, it may decline to assist you. Likewise, if you do not feel confident in the service at this point, you can back out without any risk or cost to you.

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