What Is It Like Working in the Metal Fabrication Industry?

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, metal fabrication jobs are expected to grow faster than average for the next several years. Metal fabrication workers build and install a wide variety of different metal structures and products. The job typically involves cutting, bending, and assembling metal using manual and automated processes. The median pay for metal fabrication workers is slightly over $43,000 a year, with pay increasing as the metal worker gains more skills. Metal fabrication workers typically find work in either the construction or manufacturing industry. Companies like Superior Industrial Services, LLC provide metal industrial contracting Buffalo, NY jobs for skilled workers looking to work in manufacturing.

To become a metal fabrication worker, those interested must at minimum hold a high school diploma or equivalent certification. From that point, prospective metal workers typically have two ways that they can learn the trade. The first option is to compelte a metal working program offered by an accedited technical or vocational school. Many companies work closely with local technical schools to provide industrial contracting Buffalo, NY jobs upon completion of the program. Metal working programs usually require at least a two year committment. The other option for metal workers hoping to enter the industry, is to learn on the job via an apprenticeship. Metal working apprenticeships last four to five years, and some classroom instruction may be required. Only after completion of all the hours required for an apprenticeship program, is the metal worker qualified to complete tasks without the supervision of a senior metal worker.

In addition to being good with their hands, metal workers must also posess physical strength and even some computer skill. More and more of the processes involved with metal working relies on computer aided drafting and design. A metal worker can even earn an additional certification in a computer drafting program, and provide himself with a competitive advantage. As you can imagine, metal can be quite heavy. As a result, metal workers must also be able to lift heavy materials when required. The typical work environment usually requires that the metal worker stand for long periods of time and face a number of different hazard. Workers routinely wear saftey glasses and other protective clothing to reduce the risk of injury.