What Happens During Crane Inspections in Syracuse

Industrial Contractors

If you own a company that uses cranes to conduct business, it is important to abide by all state and federal laws surrounding their use. One of the most important things most crane companies overlook are the inspections needed to keep your cranes legal. Whether you use your crane sparingly or every day, you must show that you have had it inspected at least once every 12 months. It is not only a legal responsibility, but it also helps keep your staff safe. If you have not had crane inspections in Syracuse done before, you may now know what to expect. The following are 3 of the many things that are checked during an inspection.

Condition of Lift Rope

The metal rope that is used to lift items is under a great deal of pressure during use. If this fails for any reason, it can cause the load to drop and leave your crane unusable and cause damage. This is one of the first things that will be inspected. They will look for any fraying of the rope and make sure that any connections are solid and able to handle the lift the weight they are certified for.

Hydraulic Motor Inspection

The hydraulic motors of a crane are what make lifting and moving items easy. The inspector will look for any visible issues and ensure that the pipes in the motor system are not leaking and at risk of breaking down in the future. A malfunction with your hydraulic lifts can cause your crane to fail and leave you having to pay for the cost of any damages or injury it may have caused.

Stabilization Equipment

The stabilization equipment on a crane is what keeps it secure when you are moving large loads. If this is not working properly, it can cause the crane to tip and fall over. This can be disastrous and cause thousands of dollars in repairs and even threaten the safety of the operator. The inspector will look at this equipment and make sure it is not worn out or looking over stressed while used.

Make sure you keep you equipment in tip top shape by having crane inspections in Syracuse done annually. It can prevent a major safety issue from causing your company to be in financial jeopardy. Contact Superior Industrial Services, LLC to learn more about crane inspections, and to schedule an appointment to make sure your equipment is working properly.