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Industrial Contractors

Almost every industry sector uses acrylic products and parts because it is an excellent replacement for glass in many applications. Acrylic can withstand intense force better than glass and doesn’t shatter. Suppose you are looking for ready-to-go solutions to deploy in a business quickly. In that case, custom acrylic fabrication in California may be the answer for you.

Is It Plexiglass or Acrylic?

There is no significant difference. Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic material that is clearer than glass. Acrylic sheeting is typically called plexiglass, a generic term that comes from the trademark name Plexiglas. Acrylic has many uses, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • LED diffusing lighting panels
  • Shelves and retail fixtures
  • And many more

Acrylic has the qualities of glass, including clarity and transparency, but at half the weight.

Acrylic Services Provided

Just a few of the standalone acrylic-forming services provided include:

  • Acrylic/plexiglass sheets — ideal for complex fabrications
  • Acrylic fabrication using computer numerical control (CNC) for precision machining
  • Drilling, routing, cementing, line bending, and polishing

In addition, cutting services provide the following:

  • Scribing and breaking
  • Jigsaw cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • And more

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Types of Acrylic Sheet

Besides custom acrylic fabrication in California, an extensive inventory of Plexiglass sheets, rods, and tubes are ready to ship or pick up, including:

  • Multiple sheet size options
  • Fast turn-around
  • An assortment of colors available
  • And more

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