Importance of Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD


Nowadays, building codes dictate that chimneys must be lined using a metal liner, clay tile, or a casted flue. Installing a good chimney liner is vital to the safety of fireplaces and furnaces. Lining is necessary because it channels the gases and heat to the top of the chimney and stops the heat from spreading to other combustible areas around the chimney. Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD is very important because it helps to prevent the following.

It prevents heat transfer from the chimney to the combustible materials of the surrounding building. In many cases, an unlined chimney causes the nearby woodwork of a home to burst into flames. Even a little crack in the lining can result in a house fire.

The gases which are produced by the combustible supplies in the fireplace are very acidic and they can destroy the mortar used in a chimney. As the joints of the mortar erode, the heat may be transferred to other combustible materials, which will result in a fire. Furthermore, the erosion of the mortar may cause dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to enter the home.

Once a gas furnace or a wood stove is installed, the liner should be the right size for it. If not, it may result in the production of carbon monoxide and the excessive accumulation of creosote.

However, most of the chimney liner or flue will eventually start deteriorating. This makes the fireplace hazardous and unsafe to use. Once the lining becomes cracked, the chimney must be relined before it is used. It is equally important that a chimney expert be called to inspect the chimney regularly. It may be that the current liner is damaged and needs to be replaced. In order to prevent the deterioration of chimney liners, the best kind of liner to use is a stainless steel liner. This is because they are suitable for all kinds of chimneys and experts on fire-protection also recommend them. Though they are costly, they last better than other types of chimney liners.

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