Improve the Speed of Hot Water to Fixtures through Water Heaters Repair in Springfield VA


Beset by slow hot water? A number of variables are involved in transporting the hot water from the water heater to the fixtures inside the home. Let’s look at some of the common reasons behind slow hot water and how homeowners can circumvent this problem.

Tankless Water Heater

The type of water heater determines how fast you get hot water. For storage type water heaters typified by a large tank filled with hot water simply waiting to fill the pipes, then hot water is transported much faster to the fixtures. For tankless water heaters, however, they have to initially heat the water, prior to sending it to the fixtures, increasing the waiting period.

Pipe Diameter

The smaller the diameter of plumbing pipes, the quicker the hot water will be transported to the fixtures. Copper pipes are famous for their small diameters. However, a thicker diameter like that of a galvanized pipe slows down the speed, under a similar flow rate.

Piping Material

Given that a galvanized pipe features a much thicker wall compared to a copper pipe, it absorbs a lot of heat energy from the warm water as the water passes through it. This means a galvanized pipe prolongs the time taken for the hot water to get to the fixtures compared to a copper pipe. During water heaters repair in Springfield, VA, homeowners can request to have less thick pipe materials.

Some of the solutions to these challenges include:

  • Pump

One of the ways to speed up the transportation of hot water to the fixtures is by using a pump. All Plumbing Inc. offers a wide variety of hot water pumping systems meant to provide speedy hot water.

  • On Demand Hot Water System

Looking at the demand type hot water system, the cold water pipe acts as the return channel to the water heater. When there’s demand for hot water, there’s a press button which when pressed, activates the pump which then circulates the water across the pipe until hot water enters the pump. As soon as the tap or shower is turned on, hot water flows instantly. Have the right hot water pumping system installed today during water heaters repair in Springfield, VA.