Fiber Cement – Problems with DIY Siding Replacement

Construction and Maintenance

With fiber cement siding, you enjoy the beauty of real wood siding while enjoying the benefits of strong and durable fiber cement. It comes pre-finished, or you may paint it any color you like and some people opt for “do it yourself” siding replacement in Roswell. However, if you install this material yourself, you could have major problems. Here are some things that can happen.


It’s perfectly fine to attach the boards with a face nailing procedure. However, you’ll need to use galvanized or stainless steel nails because the nails take exposure to the weather. Blind nailing is the most common installation procedure because it hides the nail heads. However, some people use both methods, and this can cause siding boards to split or crack, so consistency is very important.

Another common siding replacement mistake Roswell homeowners make is angle nailing. For example, a nail doesn’t want to go in straight, so you nail it at an angle. This can place holes on the board and cause the nail to pull through. Also, don’t drive nails below the board surface because it exposes the inner area of the board to moisture.

Moisture Exposure

Your siding boards should not touch gutters, roofs, stairs, or decks. In fact, you need a two-inch clearance from most surfaces and six inches from surface grades. Don’t seal between your windows head flashing and siding boards with caulk. This can trap water.

Keep a Two Inch Distance

Don’t butt planks up against hard materials. For example, do not install your boards up against stairs, roofing, or decks. Siding needs space to limit moisture exposure.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

By opting for a professional siding replacement in Roswell, your warranty stays intact. Your siding professionals have years of experience and make sure to follow all the right procedures.