Cleaning Bricks That A Fireplace Is Made Out Of And Additional Services Provided By A Chimney And Fireplace Repair Contractor In Baltimore MD


If soot has hardened on some bricks in a fireplace’s interior, the following steps can be completed to restore them to their original condition. Afterward, basic maintenance that is performed regularly will prevent soot from building up again.


* broom

* dustpan

* trash bag

* soapy water

* sponge

* plastic sheeting

* vinegar

* bucket

* stiff-bristled scrub brush

* towel

* shop vacuum cleaner

Removing Loose Debris And Applying A Cleaning Agent

After removing kindling from the bottom of a fireplace, loose debris can be swept up and disposed of. A damp, soapy sponge can be used to eliminate surface stains from the area where kindling was once present. Once the treated surface dries, plastic sheeting should be laid across it. Soapy water should be applied to bricks that a fireplace is made out of. A cleaning solution should be left on dirty surfaces for several minutes in order to loosen hardened soot.

Eliminating Stains And Maintaining A Fireplace

A stiff-bristled scrub brush can be moved back and forth over soot that has been treated with a cleaning solution in order to remove hardened residue. If soot cannot be removed from some bricks, a few drops of white vinegar can be added to a cleaning solution to strengthen it. Clean bricks should be wiped off with a damp sponge or cloth in order to eliminate residue that was left behind by a cleaning agent. Bricks can be wiped off with a towel or be given time to air dry. Plastic sheeting needs to be disposed of and a shop vacuum cleaner’s hose can be moved over the bottom of a fireplace to collect loose pieces of debris that remain.

If a fireplace’s interior is cleaned at regular intervals, bricks won’t become severely stained with soot again. Wiping bricks off with a damp, soapy cloth after a fireplace has been used several times will prevent lengthy cleaning sessions. If an individual encounters problems with the fireplace that they own, they need to make an appointment with a Chimney And Fireplace Repair Contractor in Baltimore MD. A new client can conveniently contact us by visiting a website that belongs to a chimney and fireplace repair contractor in Baltimore MD.