Elderly Care in Fox Valley Region, WI – What You Should Know About Moving to a Care Facility

Assisted Living

Elderly people generally need regular care and support from younger, more able-bodied individuals to get through their day. As a person grows old, common tasks become quite difficult to perform. The joints become stiffer, and it’s harder for elderly people to even move about. In some cases, elderly people also require support when going to the washroom or performing other tasks around the house. If you can’t expect regular attention from your family members, moving to a community that offers elderly care in Fox Valley Region, WI is a good idea. Here are some important things you should know about moving to such a facility.

They Are Designed for Elderly People

These facilities aren’t repurposed from existing communities and then made for elderly people. They are actually built from the ground up to provide elderly care. The houses and parks are all wheelchair accessible, and there are also attendants who can provide assistance during the course of the day if needed. There’s also a call button that you can use in case there’s an emergency or if you need help in any way. Professional advisory service providers like Oasis Senior Advisors – Fox Valley Region can help you in the transition while moving from your place to an elderly care community.

Built for Elderly Needs

These elderly care communities all promote a healthy and active lifestyle as well as offer a range of options such as free standing houses or apartment complexes. The costs obviously vary depending upon the type of facility you choose. Overall, all of these facilities have a 24-hour personal emergency response system in case of serious problems. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.