How to Get the Best from Your Wooden Crates

Wood Products

Wire bound boxes add a significant layer of strength to wooden crates. As your products fit safely within the wooden boxes, a galvanized wire pulls together around your box and acts as a second layer of strength to the crate. This helps the wooden crate to be able to take a blow or damage and keep the products safe inside.

Why Use Wire Bound Wooden Crates

When you purchase wooden crates from your most experienced lumber yard, they are always strong, of the sizes you request and perform perfectly for a safe transportation method for your products.
This provides you with the ability to be able to ship hundreds or thousands of wooden crates as they fit well within the shape and size of the truck or trailer that is transporting your goods either locally or cross-country.

When the wooden boxes are finished with a wire bound to the outside, this provides flexibility to the box and helps it absorb any shocks to the products inside.

The metal wires used around the wooden boxes can cope well with temperature differences. Your truck may be traveling from the snowbound North all the way to the warmest parts of the South. The wire keeps the box exactly in place whatever expansions or contractions are formed by the wooden crates.

By using wire bound wooden boxes, you are using a container that is far stronger than a wooden box that is only held together with nails. Because it is so strong, a cheaper and thinner wood may be used to manufacture the box. As the cost of the parts is relatively low, this remains a competitive method to be able to ship goods over varying distances and overseas. These boxes also make it easy to price the product by size, shape, and weight.

By communicating with your favorite lumberyard, you can ensure that these boxes are made to your exact specifications which will meet the needs of your products as they are shipped from one location to another.