What Are Track and Trace Pharmaceuticals?

by | May 3, 2017 | medical packaging

Track and trace pharmaceuticals are important to identify the proper medication to ensure safety and legitimacy. The system works through a mass serialization process where different drugs and medication are given a unique code to identify the product after the packaging occurs. This way, the product can be traced and tracked from the moment it is packaged until the time it reaches the proper destination and taken by the patient.

Deters Drug Counterfeiting

One of the benefits of track and trace pharmaceuticals is the prevention of drug counterfeiting. With the unique identifying code, hospitals and clinics will know exactly what they are getting since they are able to trace the history of the packaging all the way back to the manufacturing and packaging date.

Provides Unique Serial Numbers

With the unique serial number given to every package, it can be tracked all the way through the supply chain from the very beginning. Not only is this convenient, but it’s required by law. Track and trace pharmaceuticals started gaining some momentum when drugs were beginning to be counterfeited and sold illegally. The purpose of track and trace pharmaceuticals is to hopefully keep illegal drugs off the street and have the proper drugs sent to the places that need them most.

Effective and Economical

Track and trace pharmaceuticals are an effective and economical way to ensure the right medication is being delivered and taken by patients. It also protects patients and hospitals alike from being distributed and given drugs that may not be legitimate.

With track and trace pharmaceuticals, everyone from the employees at the hospital to the patients taking the medication will be safer.

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