Your Cordless Trouble Light Has Many Uses


You drive down the highway one night and hear a loud hissing sound from the car’s engine. Next, you notice steam escaping from the hood and you pull over to the side of the road. As you pop the hood, you spot the problem immediately. Your top radiator hose has a small pinhole leak. Thankfully, you have electrical tape and a cordless trouble light in the trunk. It only takes a minute or so to make temporary repairs, and you are on your way again. This is only one use for cordless work lights and here are some more to consider.

Problems on the Job

Perhaps a generator or motor is not working properly, and you need to check it out. In some facilities, you’ll need more light for the job. Instead of getting someone to hold a flashlight or lantern for you, you can simply hang up your cordless trouble light. When you work on three-phase motors, you might not have single phase power available in the area. This is not a problem with battery-powered lighting, as you only need to turn it on to have all the light you need.

At Home

Why not take your cordless trouble light home with you? It’s the perfect emergency light for those times you lose electricity. You won’t have to stumble through the house looking for candles or a flashlight. Just keep your cordless light on your nightstand or nearby. This helps you avoid tripping and falling injuries in the dark.

Safer than Candles and Kerosene Lamps

Whether you are at home or on the job, you’ll enjoy many benefits with your battery-powered trouble light. You never have to worry about fire hazards associated with kerosene lanterns or candles, and you enjoy the benefits of light on demand. Also, you can hang them almost anywhere for “hands-free” lighting.