Wood Flooring Refinishing

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Under an old, dirty, soiled carpet, there might be a beautiful floor waiting for reintroduction into your home. The coating of floors with a new, clean finish is as refreshing as it gets. Commit a few hours to wood flooring refinishing and you can have the floor you always envied in your home at no extra cost. Refinishing a wood floor creates a welcoming and warm look to homes, as well as saves money.

However, before deciding that your home requires wood flooring refinishing, it advisable to do some preliminary checks to establish the degree to which your floor is exposed. When drops of water bead or soak in slowly, the floor may get by with a good polishing. However, when drops of water soak in instantly, wood fibers may be exposed already and the floor would require refinishing.

When the decision to refinish has been arrived at, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. Considering that the sanding process may abrade a significant portion of the surface, the floor has to be 0.75 inches thick at least. When the floor is thinner than 0.75 inches, it is advisable to hire a professional to avoid accidental sanding-down of the sub-layer, A groove and tongue floor cannot withstand frequent sanding as compared to the plank floor.

Before sanding, the room should be cleared with light fixtures covered and secured using trash bags and masking tape. All electrical openings, light switches, and electrical outlets, as well as vent ducts, should be taped. Vacuum cleaning of the floor should follow to remove debris and dirt before sanding begins. Proper sanding works in leveling the floor and retaining the wood grains, a desirable feature commonly associated with hardwood floors. To achieve a smooth finish, several passes together with multiple tools will be necessary.

While sanding as well as staining, provide ventilation by opening windows and fans since doors are closed. Sanding should begin at the center and passes should be overlapping either by one or two inches. The sand paper should be selected in accordance to the condition of the floor. Keep in mind, grit estimates come in different sizes, such as 20, 60 and 120.

For a smooth floor and the best results with wood flooring refinishing, start with higher denominations and grit should be used in progression in every area. As a word of caution, it is always advisable to wear eye and hearing protection as well as use a respirator for a great wood flooring refinishing experience.

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