Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Dentistry in Warrenton

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Dentist

Caring for your teeth can help them last a lifetime and Dentistry Warrenton can help. The dentist’s office can perform a number of procedures designed to improve the function of the teeth along with some that make them look great. For instance, the dentist can apply sealants designed to protect difficult to reach spots and help the teeth last longer. Sealants are a plasticized resin which fills in the grooves and valleys on the chewing portion of the teeth. Properly applied sealants can last from three to five years, but they are affected by eating and brushing habits.

Dentistry Warrenton is the best way to ensure you have a proper bite along with straight visible teeth. In some cases, the dentist can use veneers to cover defects like crooked teeth, misshapen teeth or severely stained teeth. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell which is custom fitted to cover the front or visible teeth. Modern veneer techniques rarely require removal of any existing tooth material, although there may be cases where the dentist needs to eliminate a little enamel to get a good bond. The use of modern resins ensures that the veneers stay in place which improves your bite.

Improving your smile takes more than a few simple procedures that make your teeth look great. Dentistry Warrenton processes like root canals, repair of caries (cavities), installation of caps or crowns and numerous others can keep your teeth from deteriorating and make them strong enough to handle the stress of biting and chewing. Tooth repairs are some of the most common reasons for people to visit the dentist and many of them are avoidable with proper care and treatment.

In cases where teeth are missing or must be extracted the dentist can install implants or bridges. An implant uses an inert metal, generally titanium, or a plastic stud that is implanted into the jawbone. If there isn’t enough bone material, the dentist may need to do a bone graft. The alternative to implants are bridges. A bridge is one or more false teeth that anchor to the existing teeth. Bridges are less permanent than implants. If you are thinking about dental work, you may want to visit the experts at Gainesville Dental Associates.

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