You Will Need Spyware Removal in Minneapolis MN Sooner or Later


If you’ve never had to deal with spyware on your computer, you’re probably just taking the computer out of the box and setting it up. It’s almost impossible to surf the internet without encountering spyware. It’s a silent killer that will corrupt your system, copy your passwords, spawn annoying popup ads and pass your personal information to distant servers where it will be used for unknown purposes. It can steal all of the names from your address book as well as PINs and other login information for your bank accounts.

Experts feel that spyware is the single worst problem faced by internet users today, worse than viruses, hackers or spam. One of the most important things to realize is that an normal anti-virus program won’t remove spyware. Spyware is a program installed without the user’s consent, not a virus. No single anti-spyware program will remove it all. Users can’t remove it with the ‘Uninstall’ feature on their computer. Whenever a computer is slower than normal, has a lot of popups, won’t allow Windows updates or displays a different homepage, suspect spyware.

Infection generally comes from websites or attached to ‘free’ software downloads. It’s a good idea to always ‘unclick’ any extras when downloading. Don’t click ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ on any popup without careful thought. Keep updates current on Windows, all browsers, Adobe Flashplayer, Adobe Reader and Java. Don’t allow browser add-ons and extra toolbars and periodically remove cookies and temporary internet files. Think of all these measures as similar to getting a flu shot. You might still get the flu, but it may not be as severe. When spyware is suspected and the problems continue, it’s time to see an expert to remove the spyware.

Let’s face it, computers can be purchased just about anywhere. However, when the computer suddenly crashes and either won’t reboot at all or is asking incomprehensible questions, it’s time to talk to an expert. Strike Twice Computers has been rescuing their customers’ computers and data for over 25 years. They have the experience and skills to get rid of malicious viruses that are slowing down performance. Spyware Removal in Minneapolis MN is one of their specialities. Of course, the company can also custom-build a computer or provide an excellent used computer or accessories. Whatever the computer problem, their experienced techs can diagnose and fix it.