Granite Fabrication in Wisconsin Makes it Possible to Get Fully-Customized Kitchen Countertops


Upgrading to a granite countertop will provide your kitchen with a beautiful, upscale focal point, but even this can be taken up another level. By getting custom granite fabrication in Wisconsin, you can have a counter that has a unique shape as well as a unique material. This will provide a truly personalized area that nothing else can match.

Getting a countertop custom made starts with choosing the stone. Every piece of granite is different, so many people choose to go to a company like Stone Innovations and select a piece rather than just taking whatever is offered. Fabricators know about such preferences, so they make this easy to do. There’s no need to go to a loud, dusty quarry. Instead, several slabs will be present in a warehouse or display area.

You’ll also need to present your design to the company offering to do granite fabrication in Wisconsin. Some companies will ask for this first so that they can show you granite slabs that are the right size for the job. After all, there’s no point in falling in love with a piece of stone that can’t be used for your counter!

After these stages are complete, the designer will make sure about all of the details. Such details will include things like thickness, the shape of the edge, and whether any joints will be needed. Companies like Stone Innovations can fill joints with a latex that matches the coloration of the granite well enough to make any joints look seamless, so don’t worry if the stone you’ve chosen isn’t long enough to do the job as a single piece. Good fabricators will piece everything together so that it looks as if it’s a single unit.

All you need to do after this is wait for your chosen piece of granite to be turned into a countertop. When the day comes, the counter will be delivered and installed. It’ll have a factory-sealed finish that will last for years with proper care and basic precautions. After installation, you’ll be all set! You’ll have a countertop that you can start using right away and that should last for the life of the house.