Why Women Get Breast Augmentation in Dallas


Every year, thousands of women in Dallas and the surrounding area get plastic surgery work done. Oftentimes, this work involves adjusting the look, feel, size or appearance of the breasts. One of the most commonly requested procedures is a breast augmentation. If you are considering plastic surgery to change the look or size of your breasts, you may want to consider breast augmentation in Dallas at the hands of a trained and experienced surgeon.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

In its most basic definition, breast augmentation is defined as a surgical procedure women undergo to alter the size and shape of their breasts so they are happier with their appearance. Implants are most commonly used to increase breast size, but fat from liposuction can be transplanted in the breasts as well. Your surgeon will help you determine which of these methods is best for your needs.

Why Do Women Get Augmentations?

Women choose to get breast augmentation in Dallas because they are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts for any number of reasons. They want larger fuller breasts and feel they will be happier and feel good about their bodies when their breasts better match their body shape.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation in Dallas are women over the age of 18 and who have not yet hit menopause. Candidates should be in good overall health with no serious health problems or chronic conditions. They should also not smoke or drink heavily and have a sensible diet. Visit Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas for more information.