How to Make Sure Your Web Design Ranks High

Web Design

The content of posts on your site is highly important when it comes to search engine rankings, however the base design of your site also plays a vital role. Your quality posts won’t shoot you up the rankings if there’s nothing in your design to get them showing up in the first place. Incorporating strong principals of search engine optimization into your site design allows your content to flourish. Be sure to consider these important SEO guidelines in your next design.

Ease of Use Drives Results

Search engines are in the business of providing users with enjoyable browsing experiences. If you write your site to perfect SEO rules in many ways, and get a high ranking as a result, that won’t last for long if everyone who clicks on your site backs out shortly after. It’s essential that your site be easy to navigate and easy on the eye to keep readers on the page once they click in.

Content is King

In the early days of search engine battles many of the tricks which helped sites rank also hurt the user experience, as they resulted in stilted copy. Modern engines are designed to help boost enjoyable articles, so always incorporate useful content into your design. A blog is a great way to produce a steady stream of strong, search-worthy content.

The Right Keywords are Essential

Going scattershot with your content is a great way to not rank highly for anything. Your site should be designed to produce strong SEO results for the keywords your ideal client is most likely to search for. Look at search trend data before designing to see the combinations most-commonly used, and incorporate them naturally into your design.

Speedy Loading Speeds Your Climb

Nobody enjoys clicking a link only for the site to take ages to load. Many users will click back off before it has even finished loading which is terrible for your SEO. Don’t bog your site down with overly-large images or unnecessary scripts.

Mobile Ready is Necessary

Many designers still operate as if a good mobile version of a site is an extra, and not a bare minimum. More and more users are browsing on their phones now. With smart phones the norm, it’s a must to have a site which works flawlessly for mobile users.

Don’t let the opportunity to optimize your site’s web design pass you by. Ensure that proper SEO is a bedrock of the design, then build out from there with quality content. If your design is strong, the copy you place into it will have the best chance to flourish and take you to the top of your keyword searches.