Feeling Down? Choose Massage to Lift Your Mood


Everyone knows that massage makes your tired muscles and sore joints feel better – but what about your mood/ Yes, even your mental and emotional health can see a big boost from getting a regular rubdown. Here’s how:

Simple Serotonin

One of the known benefits of massage therapy is the release and regulation of serotonin levels in the brain and body. What does this mean for patients? Those enjoying as regular massage can see increased and improved levels of the mood-boosting chemical, which regulates sleep, aids in the treatment and management of depression and more. If you’re not feeling your best, low levels of serotonin may be to blame. Thankfully, you may only be a single massage away from feeling better!

The Magic of Touch

Another benefit for many people of getting a massage is the simple beauty of human touch. There are many ways of treating pain and relieving tension, but nothing lifts your mood and improves your outlook by being cared for directly by another person.

Feeling Better at Every Level

Your mood is not the only way that massage will help you feel better, faster. Massage therapy has also been shown to improve the body’s ability to heal itself and recover from illness and injury. In this way, getting regular massages can improve the way you feel, mind, body, and spirit. There really is no other way to lift your spirits and improve your overall health – inside and out – quite like getting a good massage.

When you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of massage yourself, book an appointment and get ready to feel great. Looking for the best body rub in Los Angeles, CA? Contact your nearest massage parlor for details about what types of massage therapy are offered in your area – and book your mood-lifting massage today!