Why It’s Important to Schedule an Oil Change in Tulsa


Understanding the role of oil in a car can help make it clearer why it’s necessary to schedule regular oil changes for a car. Visiting one of the Oil Change Tulsa locations, such as Tate Boys Tire & Service is a good idea whenever the car has been driven 3,000 miles since the last oil change. The actual mileage on the car is more important than the time that it’s been since the last oil change, so people who don’t drive much don’t have to get oil changes as often, while some people who put a lot of miles on their cars may need to go in for this service more often than every three months.

Prevent Overheating

The oil in the car helps to pull away some of the heat from the combustion chamber, which otherwise would get extremely hot. If the engine becomes too hot, it could fail internally or become damaged in other ways from the heat.

Prevents Buildup and Keeps Parts Working Smoothly

The other roles of oil include helping keep all of the parts of the engine working smoothly and limiting any buildup of sludge on these parts. The oil pulls away carbon and varnishes that might otherwise build up on the engine parts. This is why older oil is more like sludge than newer oil. When too much gunk gets built up in the oil, it’s time to change it. Not changing the oil at one of the Oil Change Tulsa locations can cause buildup that will eventually damage the valves, camshafts, or pistons. An oil change isn’t that expensive, but fixing damage to any of these parts of the engine can be.

Helps Discover Problems Early

One other potential benefit of regular oil changes has nothing to do with the oil itself. During an oil change, the person doing the oil change will check a number of other potential maintenance issues to make sure that all the parts of the car are in working order. Anything that’s not right will most likely be discovered, allowing the issues to be fixed before any more serious damage to the car occurs.

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