In-Home Vs. In-Office Tooth Whitening In Miami FL


It seems that everyone want to have whiter teeth that look more youthful and give them a boost of confidence. However, most people try the at-home kits instead of going to a professional, which may seem like an excellent idea at first. These kits are usually less expensive than a trip to the cosmetic dentist, so you think you’re saving money, but that could be far from the case. Tooth whitening in Miami FL should be done in a dentist’s office for many reasons.


You are using the dentist’s time and skill, so the procedure will cost more than if you went to a drugstore or discount store and picked up a boxed kit. However, those kits don’t save you money because they don’t work as efficiently as the in-office procedure. Therefore, you must purchase more of the kits to get the same effect. Sometimes, the kits don’t work at all, meaning you’ve wasted money that you could have used for the dental visit.


If you want whiter teeth, you have two options available to you. The first is to go to the store and buy an over-the-counter product that may or may not work. The benefits of such a trip are that you can do the procedure for yourself in the comfort of your house. The drawbacks, however, are many. You don’t get the strongest tooth whitening agents because they aren’t safe for untrained people to use. In some cases, they may not work at all.

Dental professionals in Miami FL use at least 15 percent peroxide, and some treatments may use up to 43 percent peroxide, which is the chemical agent that whitens the teeth. OTC products can only contain up to 20 percent of the peroxide, and most only have between three and five percent. Therefore, you already know you’re getting more of the chemical that whitens teeth when you go to your dentist.

Therefore, the treatment process takes less time and can last a lot longer than OTC options. It is also important to understand that the chemicals in these whiteners can dehydrate your teeth over time, so they shouldn’t be used every day or even every week.

Efficient and Fast

In-office treatments can be done in as little as 45 minutes, and some will only require one or two treatments to get the full effect. You will likely notice that your teeth are up to eight shades brighter, as well.

Tooth whitening in Miami FL should be done by a professional, for various reasons. Visit Fernandez Dental Office today to learn more.

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