Promotional Sunglasses to Encourage Fun


Promotional sunglasses are a great way to encourage outdoor fun.  Is it getting close to the time for the company picnic? Why not have some sunglasses made to represent the company and to add to the fun? Does your business attend conventions or trade shows? Give out some shades to the visitors. There are plenty of situations where sunglasses are a great promotional item.  If your industry is outdoors than you should have these items in your marketing arsenal. They are a fun way to remind people about your business.  Some businesses that should be considering these as one of their promotional items:

  *  Any business that rents or sells outdoor recreational equipment
  *  Any business that offers any sort of outdoor lessons
  *  Any business that holds outdoor events

There is a long list of businesses that could benefit and show off their fun side with these glasses. They would be an excellent promotional item for any store that sells lawn furniture, swimming pools or outdoor leisure products. They would also be great for any company that installs or repairs pools and other outdoor equipment.  They can be used for any business that wants to add a fun element to the perception of their company.

Fund Raising

Schools would do well to keep some of these in the school store to raise some funds.  They can be included in baskets for raffles, sold to children and adults at organized events and even be a part of the “uniform” for special events at the school or other events. They are also a great giveaway for:

  *  Field days
  *  School trip to outdoor spaces
  *  Girl scout troops/boy scouts

Kids love to have something that represents their school or their group. They are a small investment that can pay off big in school or team spirit. Any group or organization can encourage fun outdoor play while promoting sun safety.  They would be great for fund raising activities for any youth group.  They are also perfect for any youth sports league that wants to raise some funds or just show appreciation to “fans”.

Thinking outside the Box

Promotional items are terrific marketing tools. Thinking outside the box and giving out something that is useful and unique is a good way to market your business and provide something that is useful as well.   Encourage fun and help to get your organizations name recognized. It is an inexpensive way to have a little fun with your marketing campaign.

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