Deer Hunting: What You Should Know About Different Types Of Deer


If you enjoy hunting, waking up before the sun rises is a small price to pay to get out of the door, with your hunting rifle in tow and boots on your feet. Today is the day you catch the deer you’ve waited for all year. Even though it is dark, you see the telltale shadow of your first prey of the day. As you wait for the moment to take the perfect shot, there’s a little information you should know while hunting various breeds of deer.
Red Stag Deer

Red stag deer are one of the most beautiful deer in the world, producing high-quality venison that so many people enjoy. Served as a delicacy in Europe and five-star restaurants in the United States, the meat of a red stag deer is tender, rich, full of protein, and low in fat. Most of these adult deer weigh between 400 and 650 pounds, providing sustenance for you and your family for months. Usually, red stag hunting is best done with a rifle, shotgun, hand gun, or black powder.

Whitetail Deer

The most common of the deer found in North America is the Whitetail deer. While you can hunt these deer in both private and public areas, you risk injury more when hunting on public land. Public land also is more frequently hunted upon, making it more difficult to find the trophy you want. Since the Whitetail deer is so common, they are also hunted more, making it difficult to reach adulthood. A private area is more likely to have older bucks, resulting in more venison.

Axis Deer

Along with the red stag deer, the axis deer is often regarded as one of the most attractive breeds of wild deer. Most trophy hunters gravitate towards axis deer for their long, barrel-shaped antlers, a prize that is proudly hung on many walls. The meat of an axis deer is mild, tender, low in fat, and one of the most delicious flavors of any deer. Axis deer were not available in the United States until a few decades ago, originating in India and Sri Lanka. This breed is available for hunting year-round, but the hunt can be challenging. The best weapons for hunting axis deer are rifles, shotguns, hand guns, bows, or black powder.

Bringing Home the Trophy

No matter which breed of deer you hunt, you are in for a treat when you get home. With most catches, you just need to remove the silver skin, let the meat sit in a marinade, and cook to medium-rare. With the right flavors, you can sit down to a hearty dinner like this for months, reaping the benefits of a patient hunting trip.

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