Why Choose Quality Motor Oil for Your Equipment?

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Whether you run a fleet of trucks or a lot of agricultural equipment, your engines need oil to provide proper lubrication. You can save on costs if you buy the cheapest oil products, but this could be a huge error. Here are some important reasons to invest in the best motor oil for your machinery and equipment and your Chevron distributors in Minneapolis, MN can help.

Better Lubrication

When you use top grade oil, your engine gets better lubrication. Some of the better products from your Chevron distributors in Minneapolis MN have special oil additives. These additives help the oil provide better lubrication.

More Protection from Corrosion

Corrosion and rust are major enemies of any internal combustion engine. Oil and water do not mix, and tiny drops of condensation can form inside your engines. When this happens, it leaves the door open to corrosion and rust. The best oil products from your Chevron distributors in Minneapolis MN have additives which inhibit rust and corrosion, to keep your oil free of moisture.


When your engines run, they develop a lot of heat. The top motor oils are designed to offer the least resistance to wear, and there is less friction. Friction generates heat, and too much heat can build up and destroy a good engine.

Less Maintenance

With proper lubrication, engine parts receive less wear and tear. As a result, your parts last longer, and there are fewer maintenance issues to be concerned with. This not only saves you a lot of time and labor, but it also helps to cut operating costs.

Less Downtime

Many businesses today cannot afford a lot of downtimes. Properly maintained engines break down less often than engines with poor maintenance programs. After all, you cannot make money when your equipment is idle.