The advantages of vinyl siding

vinyl siding

The obvious advantages to new vinyl siding are twofold; the siding gives your home a fresh new look and the exterior is now virtually maintenance free, however, there are other advantages as well. When siding contractors in Joliet offer vinyl siding, they are offering a product which offers style, durability and ease of care. Vinyl siding takes far fewer resources to produce and maintain and because the material can be recycled, it is also an environmentally friendly siding option.

The base of the material id PVC, poly-vinyl chloride, this is mixed with other materials which add to the durability, flexibility and color fastness of the finished product. Acrylics are added which make the material less subject to denting and cracking in extreme weather such as sub-zero temperatures. The color fastness is guaranteed by the addition of titanium dioxide and other complex chemicals which protects the color from fading and chalking from exposure to the sun.

Unlike a painted or even an electro-statically applied finish, the color of vinyl siding goes all through the material, it is not just on the surface. This benefit is created when color pigment is mixed with the PVC prior to extrusion. The result is a finish which is impervious to scratching and other blemishes, in the event there is minor surface damage, it is unnoticeable as the color goes through the material.

Once siding contractors in Joliet are finished, as a homeowner you can say good-bye to scraping and painting, those days are over for good. All your new siding will ever need to maintain it’s “as new” look is an occasional washing with a hose or a sprayer with a mild detergent. The detergent and water will not do any harm to the siding at all nor will it have any effect on the vinyl gutters and downspouts which are usually part of the total installation. Vinyl does not rot, crack or rust; it will give you many years of service, all of which will be virtually maintenance free.

Many brands of siding have small perforations which allow the installation to breath, thus preventing any condensation under the siding. This feature prevents the growth of mold and mildew, vinyl siding also does not attract insect infestation such as wood siding.

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