Considerations When Crack Sealing in Madison WI Becomes Necessary for Asphalt Pavement

Construction and Maintenance

Crack Sealing in Madison WI should be done relatively soon after a crack forms, as the flaw will just get wider, longer and deeper if the problem is ignored. Professional asphalt contractors can do this work for an affordable price. This is especially important if the crack develops in a heavily-traveled area or one in which delivery trucks and other heavier vehicles drive and park.

Clearing Away Dirt and Plant Growth

The flaw in the pavement has to be cleaned out first before crack sealing in Madison WI can be done. If several weeks have passed, dirt and debris may have drifted in there. It also doesn’t take long before plants start to grow through asphalt cracks. Nearly everyone has seen lush green plant growth popping up in the midst of an asphalt driveway, parking lot, playground or tennis court. The crack has become deep enough for water and sun to reach the soil underneath. Before sealing, the area also must be completely dry for the sealant to work as well as it should.

Tree Root Growth and Cracks

The layout of the property may have something to do with the appearance of cracks. Trees growing too close to the pavement may have root systems under the blacktop that cause cracks and upheavals of the surface. For future reference, property owners may ask pavement installation contractors to add an underground concrete wall that effectively blocks roots. To fully end an existing problem, the tree would have to be cut down. That stops root growth.

Subgrade and Base Issues

Another underlying problem may be related to the composition of the soil and other material that was used for the subgrade and aggregate base by the original contractor. Inadequate compaction of the materials is another potential reason for the blacktop to be cracking. If the wrong type of soil was used or the compaction was not thorough enough, this problem will not be effectively resolved until it’s time to excavate the old blacktop and install new asphalt. In the meantime, crack sealing can be done as needed by a pavement contractor such as Tri-County Paving Inc.