Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses


The opportunity to view a total solar eclipse cannot be missed. If you were able to witness and take part in the 2017 total solar eclipse visible throughout the United States, you most likely had a pair of eclipse glasses so that you could view the spectacle safely. The eclipse was so inspiring that many people are already planning to travel for their next total solar eclipse. This means that now is the best time to buy eclipse glasses.

Waiting until the last minute before buying eclipse glasses is a bad idea, not just because vendors might be sold out, but also because you could run into the same trouble many Americans did in 2017: fake glasses. Unscrupulous vendors took advantage of the hype surrounding the total solar eclipse and sold pairs of eclipse glasses that were not ISO certified. It is dangerous to use glasses that are not tested and certified. When buying eclipse glasses, always go with a vendor like American Paper Optics or Eclipse Glasses.

Reliable vendors have their eclipse glasses specially manufactured and certified by international organizations like the ISO. Do not settle for anything less. Also, good vendors can help you special order eclipse glasses in bulk, with customized designs and frames. Watching an eclipse at a special event means having access to a large number of eclipse glasses that have all been tested and manufactured to the highest quality and safety specifications.

The eclipse glasses you buy can be worn at any partial eclipse. You do not need to wait for the momentous occasion of a total solar eclipse to enjoy using the eclipse glasses. Therefore, the glasses are built to last and you can save the eclipse glasses to use at any upcoming event. Wear your eclipse glasses at each stage of the partial eclipse. Only when the moon has fully eclipsed the sun can you safely remove them for the duration of totality. Enjoy!