3 factors to consider when shopping for glasses


Buying Gold and Wood Eyewear in Manhattan is an intimidating process. You might not know where to start or what factors you should consider. Your glasses help form your personality, so it is important to consider the right factors when shopping for your glasses. When shopping for eyewear, be sure to consider these three factors first.

Your face shape

You’ll probably wear your eyewear daily, so it is important to pick a pair of glasses that enhance your face shape. Look at your face in the mirror. If your cheeks and forehead are similar in width, then you might have an oval face. Oval faces work well with most frames. If you have a square face, then you need curve-edged eyeglasses. Curve-edged eyeglasses will soften your jawline. Those with an oblong face should consider square frames; these frames can add width to your face. Click here to know more.

Your skin tone

Skin tone is vital when selecting a frame color. Bronze skin tones match well with olive, honey, or brown colored frames. Different skin tones require other colors to accentuate their beauty. Carefully discuss your skin tone with an expert to make sure you get the best possible match.

Your style

One final factor to consider is your style. You have to feel comfortable with the glasses you wear. You have to try on the frames to confirm that you’ll feel comfortable wearing the frames. Try them on and make sure you enjoy the way you look.

Buying new glasses is stressful, but if you consider these three factors and talk to an expert, then you’ll find the right glasses for you. Make sure you consider these factors when shopping for Gold And Wood Eyewear Manhattan and you’ll be happy with the results.