What You Need to Know About Prototype Designing in Converse, TX


There are many industry and market niches that rely on components that have to be specially designed and manufactured. In these cases, prototypes are often developed and used in testing before mass production of the part begins. When it comes to prototype designing in Converse, TX, these are some of the industries that most commonly use prototype design in their productions.

Biotechnology/Medical Systems & Devices

  • Specialty tools that have to be developed for use in specific procedures or to perform certain tasks

  • Specialty tools that are used for biological research and require unique design features

  • Robot assemblies and parts that are used in surgery or in other technological applications

Oil & Gas

  • Oilfield tools and equipment that are designed to hold up to the pressure and heat

  • Technical measuring devices and components that can handle the damaging effects


  • Assembly line assistance and line assembly parts that are used by auto manufacturing clients

  • Customized parts, components and systems used for automobiles

  • Modifications and adjustments made on existing parts for improved function and safety

Food Manufacturing

  • Assembly line components that offer assistance for food product clients

  • Components of production manufacturing that aid in sorting, processing and storing food


  • Repair and manufacture pieces for modern aircraft systems

  • Reproduction and repair or improvement of obsolete aircraft parts

  • Parts for specialty aircraft kits and experimental aircraft parts productions


  • Devices for use by law enforcement officials and military personnel


  • Parts used within electrical devices and other custom-made pieces

Each of these industries, along with many others, can benefit when they work with a company that offers prototype designing in Converse, TX.

To get the best in prototype designing in Converse, TX, in these and many other industrial markets, contact PDS for a consultation appointment and estimate.