Things to Consider When Looking for Sign Design Services in Illinois


When it comes to your business, you want to make sure people know where you are. There’s competition in every industry and in order for your business to stand out, you need a sign. The type of sign, the materials it’s made from and the image and colors are important in creating the right representation of your business. Here are a few things to consider when looking for sign design services in Illinois.

Is Your Business in Any of These Industries?

  • Automotive

  • Banking and financial services

  • Corporate and law

  • Health care

  • Hospitality

  • Institutional/education

  • Retail

Sign Design for Your Industry

A company that offers sign design services in Illinois should be experienced in designing, fabricating and installing signs in your industry. Different industries have varying needs. The signage you use for retail clothing stores would be different than those used for colleges or financial institutions. Sign design needs to convey a lot of information. The name and the tone of the business, which is set through the use of a logo and colors, are all part of sign design.

Your signage is the most important part of your business because if you aren’t well known, this is the first impression people get when looking for your business. How your sign is designed can help convey a feeling of trust for your brand.

Sign Fabrication

An experienced sign design services company in Illinois has knowledge of what design would look best in certain fabrications. Will your sign be outside? How large will it be? Does it need to be backlit? Will it need to have lights from the ground or above shining onto the sign? Is it a sign that needs to be seen as one drives by or does it need to be seen from an expressway? Will the sign have to withstand Chicago winter snow, as well as the 100-degree heat of summer? The answers to these questions help you create a sign that is durable, attractive and informative.

To learn more about sign design services in Illinois, contact Quantum Sign Corporation.