What to look for when buying air conditioning

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Air-conditioning systems come in four varieties, window units, and split units, portable and central or whole-house air conditioners. Window air conditioners come with a mounting bracket which allows for fitting to be double hung, sliding or casement windows or through a purpose-made hole through the wall. A split unit has the compressor on the outside of the house which in turn is connected to a cooling unit inside the room.

Although full central air conditioning replacement in Sacramento may be desired it is expensive, and the installation has to be done by professionals. Central air con is also more costly to operate and for these reasons, it is often better to have window units in those rooms that require air conditioning.

Regardless of what unit you eventually opt for make sure the refrigerant is approved. R-22 refrigerant is ozone depleting as are other HCFCs and they are being eliminated in favor of a more environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant. To make sure that your unit can be serviced in the future only buy an air conditioning replacement in Sacramento with approved refrigerant.

It’s very important that you purchase a unit which has an adequate cooling capacity for the area. An air con which is too small will not give the desired results and one which is too large will cost you more to operate than is needed, you will end up paying for something you do not need. As a general guide a room up to 300 sq ft can be cooled with a 5-6,000 BTU unit, 550 sq ft needs 7-8,200 BTU unit and 950 sq ft a unit between 9,800 and 12,500 BTUs should be used. Confirm these numbers with the manufacturer before you make the purchase.

An Energy Star unit will save considerably on electricity, as much as 30% over units which do not qualify. As well as the Energy Star label, check the EER rating. An appliance which has been certified by the Assn. of Home Appliance manufacturers has an EER, energy-efficiency rating, the higher the number the lower will be the operating costs. An air conditioning replacement in Sacramento which has an EER of 11 will cost less to run than a unit with an EER of 6. The absolutely most efficient is a unit which combines a high EER and carries the Energy Star label.


A ductless split unit is often more efficient again than a wall or window air con but they must be professionally installed. They are less costly and quicker to install than whole house central air con and as they only cool a certain portion of the home, they are less costly to operate. A split unit consists of a condenser mounted outside the house and one or more units indoors which are connected to the condenser via refrigerant lines and electrical wiring.

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